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Kapu Lewis | Short Stories

Short Stories

My short stories have been published in literary journals worldwide. They explore themes deep inside the human psyche, ranging from magical to disturbing. They will always aim to leave you wondering.

Kapu Lewis | Poetry


My poetry is inspired by the people I meet, their unique challenges and their emotional experiences. My work has been published in British, European and American poetry journals.

Kapu Lewis | Books


My novel, The Cornershop of Dreams, will be finished in mid-2024. Set between 1914 and 1969, it explores the theme of having your dream and the price you have to pay for it.

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Kapu Lewis | Essays


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My essays explore the themes behind my fiction and poetry: the essence of human consciousness, empathy and connection, paradise lost, the dangers of fearlessness, obsession, revenge and more.

Davy Jones

Featured Work

Davy Jones

A Sea Gypsy, a drowned father and a life ripped away. Davy Jones is a tale of loss and yearning, told through the lens of the sea.


I am a Welsh writer, poet and TV & film consultant. My work is inspired by my native West Wales and the cities I have lived in, including New York, London and Singapore. I am interested in exploring mental health, social issues and human consciousness through fiction.

I began my career as a journalist and am currently studying for a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Kent, Canterbury. I campaign for youth and women’s rights.

My work has been published in literary journals, including The Mechanics Institute Review and The Menteur. My latest work will be included in the Erro Press Anthology of Womanhood later this year, and in the Summer 2023 edition of Handwritten & Co.

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Some of my work can be purchased in print or digital versions of the literary and poetry journals where it is published. 

Kapu Lewis | Shop
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Kapu Lewis | Events
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In 2024, I will be speaking at online events, festivals, and bookshops about my work and that of writers and poets I admire.


My work is increasingly reviewed in the press. I’ll update this section as reviews become available.

Kapu Lewis | Press
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