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Short Stories

My short stories have been published in the indie press and literary journals worldwide. They explore themes deep inside the human psyche, ranging from magical to disturbing. They will always leave you wondering.

Kapu Lewis | Poetry


My poetry is inspired by the people I meet, their unique challenges and their emotional experiences. My work has been published in British, European and American poetry journals.

Kapu Lewis | Books


My novel, The Cornershop of Dreams, will be finished in mid-2024. Set between 1914 and 1969, it explores the theme of having your dream and the price you have to pay for it.

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Self Portrait

Featured Work

Self Portrait

Perfect love is not all it appears to be in this ghost story set during the era of silent film. Newly published by Epoque Press


Kapu Lewis is a Welsh writer, poet and TV & film consultant. Her work is inspired by her native West Wales, the cities she's lived in (including New York, London and Singapore), the people she meets, and her experience living with Autism. She's interested in exploring mental health, neurodiversity and human consciousness through fiction.

Kapu began her career as a journalist and is currently studying for a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Kent, Canterbury. She campaigns for youth rights and a greater understanding of people living with Autism and related neurodiverse conditions.

Her work has been published in the indie press and literary journals, including Epoque Press, The Berlin Literary Review, Handwritten & Co, The Mechanics Institute Review and The Menteur. Her latest work will be included in the Erro Press Anthology of Womanhood in Spring 2024.

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