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I'm working on a poem called 'True / Not True' that will fit into this 'decision tree' illustration, made up of dowsing pendulums - also part of my chapbook in progress 'Tell me a Secret'.

5 May 2024


Another 'container' for a poem

In Defence of the Act by Effie Black. Are we more like a coffee bean, a carrot or an egg? What happens to us when we are boiled in the trials and tribulations of life? Longlisted for the Women's Prize for Fiction, I'm racing through this brave and nuanced consideration about the value of life. Here's a link to a purchase on one of my favourite indie bookshops websites Pages of Hackney:

11 April 2024


Books I'm reading now - In Defence of the Act

Sneak peak into the new chapbook I'm working on called 'Tell Me a Secret' - it's about the stark contrasts in my Welsh childhood through to the present day. For the first time, I'm integrating illustrations into the text - this one's for the poem 'Genesis' - the stanzas will eventually be written into the steps of the staircase

11 April 2024


New chapbook illustration

This is Rascal shaking himself in his basket next to my desk (and yes - I was getting distracted from work!)

11 April 2024


Dog photo when bored...

Crooked Plow by Itamar Viera Junior - shortlisted for the International Booker prize this year. ​'I heard our grandmother asking what we were doing.'"Say something!" she demanded, threatening to tear out our tongues. Little did she know that one of us was holding her tongue in her hand.' This book is full of beautiful writing, challenging characters and a touch of magical realism. It's right up my street! Heralded as the most important Brazilian novel of the century so far, this bestseller's unique blend of magic and social realism has already won it three literary awards and global acclaim. You can buy it at this indie bookshop:

11 April 2024


Books I'm reading now - Crooked Plow
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